A majority of photos were copied from social media- Thank you to all.

Alanthus Hill Baptist Church, 14129 Alanthus Hill Road  (423) 733-8540 - click for photo

Big Creek Church, 2824 Big Creek Road

Big Springs Baptist Church, 5875 Big Springs Road, Eidson - click for photo

Brewer's Chapel Church, 6222 Tazewell Hwy. (423) 733-8463 - click for photo

Briar Creek Baptist Church, 174 Mabe Hollow Rd. (423) 733-9995 - click for photo

Cedar Grove Baptist Church, 1946 Tazewell Hwy.

Chestnut Grove Church, 185 Riley Rd., Eidson-click for photo

Chinquipin Grove Baptist Church, 5333 Chinquipin Rd.

Church of Christ,  122 Cemetery St.  (423) 973-4186

Clinch River Missionary Baptist Church, 3053 Chestnut Ridge Rd.-click for photo

Cool Branch Baptist Church, 3251 Copper Ridge Rd.

Davis Chapel Church,  216 Davis Chapel Rd.

Duck Creek Baptist Church, 1987 Duck Creek Rd.  (423) 733-4166 -click for photo

Elm Springs Church,  303 Snake Hollow Rd. - click for photo

Faith Freedom Missionary Baptist Church,  1326 Back Valley Rd.-click here for photo

Father's House Church,  183 East Main St.

Flat Gap Church,  260 Wolfe Circle, Treadway

Friendlies Chapel Baptist Church,  777 Rhea Hollow Rd. - click for photo

Fox Branch Missionary Baptist Church,  770 Fox Branch Rd., Kyles Ford

Gaps Chapel, 871 Gaps Chapel Rd.

Goins Chapel Church,  1648 Prospect Rd.

Hancock Methodist Church, 112 Jail St. - click for photo

Holiness Tabernacle,  188 Jockey St. -click for photo

Ida's Chapel Baptist Church,  379 Ida's Chapel Rd.

Independence Baptist Church,  2003 Clinch Mountain Rd., Eidson

Independence Methodist Church, 1171 Clinch Mountain Rd., Eidson

Kyles Ford Baptist Church,  8059 Kyles Ford Hwy., Kyles Ford-click here for photo

Little Mulberry Gap Church,  9168 Mulberry Gap, Tazewell

Livesay's Chapel Church, 895 Livesay Chapel Rd., Kyles Ford-click here for photo

Martin's Creek Church, 3486 Powell River Rd., Tazewell

Mount Pisgah Baptist Church, 321 Sherm Mountain Rd.-click here for photo

Mount Zion Baptist Church,  1189 Mount Zion Rd., Tazewell

Mulberry Gap Baptist Church, 5367 Mulberry Gap Rd.  (423) 733-4422-click here for photo

Mulberry Bible Church,  3080 Mulberry Gap Rd.

Mullins Chapel Church,  110 Hillside Dr.

New Hope Baptist Church, 2756 New Hope Rd.-click for photo

Pawpaw Grove Baptist Church,  2777 Pawpaw Rd., Thorn Hill

Panther Creek Church,  989 Panther Creek Rd.

Pleasant Valley Church,   7468 Caney Valley Rd.

Providence Baptist Church,  463 Providence Rd., Thorn Hill

Riverside Primitive Baptist Church,  Hwy. 33, Kyles Ford - click for photo

Rob Camp Church,   1505 Rob Camp Rd., Tazewell

Rock Bridge Baptist Church,  423 Rock Bridge Rd., Thorn Hill

Sandy Springs Church,  1061 West Short Mountain Rd.-click here for photo

Saint James the Apostle Catholic Church,  3652 Main St.

Shelby Creek Church, 12558 Horton Ford Rd., Eidson - click for photo

Sneedville First Baptist Church, 1359 Main St. (423) 733-4234 -click for photo

Sneedville Primitive Baptist Church,  1080 Main St. - click for photo

Stoney Gap Missionary Baptist Church,  116 Stony Gap Rd.  (423) 733-0025

Sulfur Springs Missionary Baptist Church, Vardy Blackwater Rd.

Sunny Side Baptist Church,  6286 Mulberry Gap Rd.

Swan Creek Baptist Church, 2226 Swan Creek Rd.

The Old Path Baptist Church, 1643 E. Pumpkin Valley Rd., Eidson

The House of Prayer Holiness Church, 1081 Newman's Ridge Rd. - click for photo

The Mission, 186 Campbell Drive, (423) 300-9406

Trent Valley Baptist Church, 2276 Trent Valley Rd. - click for photo

Unicoi Baptist Church, 7920 Chestnut Ridge Rd. - click for photo

Union Baptist Church, 1159 North Union Rd., Thorn Hill

Union Hill Primitive Baptist Church, 4401 Panther Creek Rd., Thorn Hill

Wallen's Bend Church,  1913 Horton Ford Rd., Eidson - click for photo

War Creek Baptist Church,  5538 Hwy. 31  (423) 733-9195 - click for photo

Willis Chapel Church, 10025 Kyles Ford Hwy., Kyles Ford

Wolfenbarger Church, 3704 Powell River Rd., Tazewell

Yellow Branch Church, 446 Yellow Branch Rd. - click for photo